A long journey home

I was thrilled and excited about going back home to Tanzania and Kenya to source new material and product. My journey began with a three hour delay from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. As I sat restlessly on the plane, I began to doubt whether we would be leaving, but much to my surprise the pilot announced that we would resume our flight and a loud thunderous applause echoed his announcement. 11hours later we arrived in Amsterdam only to find out that our connecting flight to Nairobi had left, and that we now had to connect through Dubai. Another treacherous 6+ hours with a 3 hour layover followed by 5 more hours until we arrive in Nairobi, Kenya. Exhausted and anxious we deplaned and I got my luggage, which miraculously did not get left behind this time around. Exiting the airport I was greeted by the warm sun beaming on me and welcoming me home. I got in the taxi that was awaiting my arrival and headed into town.

 Seventeen years since I had last been in Nairobi, I was eager to awaken childhood memories and as I looked to my left I was delighted to see giraffes grazing in the distance, what a pleasant welcome and a memorable moment of all the times we drove to and from the airport, as children staring out the windows to see who would be the first to spot a giraffe.

 The Saturday morning traffic was bearable despite the notorious Nairobi traffic.
After arriving at the hotel and taking a hot shower, I was ready for breakfast. I devoured an omelet with the best sausages (Farmer’s Choice) and a hot cup of Masala tea.
Shortly after we headed to our first exhibit. The vibrant atmosphere was intoxicating. Women, men & children browsing through, dressed in colorful kitenge's (African garment), food, music, and vendors showcasing their craft. It was full of life.