About Us

Embracing tradition and supporting communities are the soul of Treasure From Afar. My journey began after a trip to the breathtaking Victoria Falls. I stopped by a small outdoor market where local artisans sold their art, jewelry and accessories to visitors in order to support their families and communities, as well as share the long-tradition of African artistry. Feeling inspired by the creativity and their dedication, I purchased some pieces. I loved how the jewelry made me feel connected to my native Tanzania and helped me embrace my culture. Upon returning to the U.S., I shared some of the treasures and stories with friends and colleagues about how these artisans are working to build a better future for themselves and their communities. They were touched by their mission and astounded by the jewelry’s uniqueness. They had never seen anything like it.  

Treasure From Afar came into fruition from this simple act and I am proud to say that we now contribute to many communities in Africa. I frequently visit to find new jewelry and accessories for the collection, but also to hear the stories, meet and connect with the people and bring back treasures and messages that are shared first hand with you.

I’m fortunate to get to form these partnerships because I share the passion of the artisans who tell me stories about their creations, the materials, techniques and cultural significance. There are hundreds of years of tradition and history in every piece, each made by hand. It is through these partnerships with my community, a world away that I can share the beauty of Africa with you at a time when African influences are in trend. 

Now you can accessorize with handmade jewelry and accessories that are unique and authentic, but at the same time make a difference to the people your purchase helps support.



Founder of Treasure From Afar