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Summer Jewelry Storage: Organizing Tips to Preserve Your Collection

Summer is here, and so is the need to change up our wardrobes. We all feel the urge to wear lighter clothes and add pops of color to our outfits during the brighter months. It's also the time of the year when our jewelry collection comes out of hiding. Finding the perfect storage solutions for our favorite baubles can be just as frustrating as finding the right piece to match that new sundress. Let's make things easier and ensure our precious collection stays in perfect condition by organizing our summer jewelry properly.

The heat and humidity of the summer months can damage the integrity of your favorite pieces, leaving them tarnished or dull. The first and most important step to preserving your jewelry is storing it properly. Keep your jewelry away from natural sunlight, moisture, heat, and the ocean (if you plan a beach trip). Storing jewelry in a cool and dry place is the key. A perfect space could be a small box with separate compartments. Your jewelry box should be lined with a soft material like velvet to avoid scratches and to keep pieces separate.

Sort your jewelry to make it easier to store and find. Now that we have established the importance of storing your summer jewelry let's move on to some sorting tips. Jewelry organizers come in different shapes and sizes; some can even be found easily at home. You can use the handsewn cloth bag that all Treasure From Afar jewelry comes in or small plastic containers. Keep similar pieces such as bracelets and bangles together and sort them by material (gold, silver, beads, etc.) to avoid any reactions or damage due to contact.

Keep your jewelry clean. To maintain the beauty of your collection, remember that cleaning is just as important as storing it properly. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and mild soap to clean your jewelry. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the care of their unique piece. Ask a specialist or a jeweler to help you if you have any doubts. 

Summer jewelry deserves the love and care that all our jewelry collection needs. Remember to store your jewelry away from natural sunlight, moisture, heat, and the ocean. Make sorting your favorite pieces the easiest by using various organizers or creating your innovative storage system. Keep your collection clean by using mild soap and warm water and following the care instructions. Following these simple tips will ensure that your summer collection lasts year after year, and you can enjoy your favorite pieces without any worries.